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To Audiobook Listeners,

Welcome & enjoy my online space! Find out what I’m working on–share your thoughts about books you’ve listened to, or books you’re excited to listen to. Ask me anything!

To Authors, Publishers & Rights’ Holders,

As a professional audiobook narrator, I am here to transform your beloved book(s) into retail-ready audiobooks. I am an entertainer, audiobook lover, and avid reader and I take pride in learning and understanding your characters and telling your story. I’m comfortable seamlessly switching between characters with the following accents: North American/General American English, Australian, British English, Russian, Irish, Scottish, Indian, Female Voice – All age ranges.

I am very responsive to feedback and value open communication. I work diligently to keep your deadline and keep you posted with my progress. You’ll be able to reach me when your heart desires. I record with a sound engineer in a professional studio with the most pristine technology to deliver the best sound. I’m confident I will create the best listener’s experience with any book that accepts me as a narrator.

Listening to books can be the ultimate escape. My motivation and passion as an audiobook narrator stems from my love for stories. Like most humans, I live for stories. I listen to audiobooks while commuting via car or train, while I’m cooking, before bed, on the ride to work, and anywhere I’m able to. I become attached to the characters; I wonder what will happen next; I cling to the narrator’s every word. I want to create the most incredible experiences for listeners around the world and for your fan base. As far as my favorite books, I’m in love with fiction, especially sci-fi and fantasy, romance, young adult books and books that take you on adventures. If there’re werewolves, witches, vampires or other magical creatures in a captivating story, you’re probably getting an audition from me!

To Business Owners,  

Need a professional voicemail or customer-centered opening directory for your business? Or maybe you need a soothing, or energetic voice for your next commercial? This is your one-stop shop for all your voice over needs!